What does a manipulative board provide and what is its purpose?


One of the more popular educational toys is a manipulative board – what does introducing it into a child’s life achieve Interest in manipulative boards continues to grow. One of the most important elements of a child’s upbringing is toys. What are the advantages of a manipulative board and why should you really buy one?

Table of contents

  1. What is a manipulative board?
  2. What is Montessori and how does the manipulative board fit into this method?
  3. The manipulative board – benefits and advantages for the child
  4. Board certificates
  5. Where to buy a manipulative board?

What is a manipulative board?

Before finding out what the manipulative board gives your child, get to know it thoroughly in the first place. This is one of the more popular toys that enjoys continued popularity. What is a manipulative board? It is a multifunctional, safe toy that develops your child. It is a piece of durable wooden board to which laces, locks, tubes, gears, buttons, rulers, calculators, latches, and more are attached – the list could go on. These items are extremely fascinating for the toddler.

Wooden manipulative boards are excellent educational toys for children with diagnosed sensory integration disorders. Children with an sensory processing disorder may react badly, for example, to the touch of sand, a loud sound, a strong colour, or harsh light. It is not difficult to see that loud, endlessly repeating melodies and flashing lights are the domain of many modern toys. Prolonged exposure to such a toy can lead to overstimulation. In such a situation, the child becomes grouchy, tearful, sleepy or, conversely, hyperactive and irritable. This can be avoided by choosing natural toys maintained in the spirit of the Montessori philosophy – sensory boards are one of these.

What is Montessori and how does the manipulative board fit into this method?

Montessori is an educational approach that entrusts the child with the opportunity to make decisions, listens to their needs, respects their autonomy, and engages in genuine dialogue with the child. The “mother” of Montessori was Dr Maria Montessori, who worked with children for most of her life. She determined that self-reliance and concentration can help a child discover their natural abilities and capabilities. The possibility of free choice was one of the tenets of Montessori’s philosophy. And doesn’t the manipulative board offer almost endless possibilities for play?

During active play at the sensory board, the child can fully independently choose what they really wants to play with and how this play will look. As the neurological system matures, they will discover more and more. There is therefore no single recipe for an activity with a toy such as an educational manipulative board. Why is it used in therapy clinics, homes, nurseries and kindergartens? It is intended to be used for clever, developmental play that helps the child to develop naturally in terms of motor and psychological development.

The manipulative board – benefits and advantages for the child

Haven’t you ever noticed that younger children are more excited about an empty, torn packaging than they are about a new toy? Children playing with the sensory board have a range of such objects permanently attached to a secure wooden structure. The sensory board satisfies the child’s natural need to explore the world, feeds their curiosity and stimulates the senses in a balanced way. Baby’s little hands pull, push, twist, move – perfect fine motor training! It’s an excellent start to tying shoelaces and later learning to write!

Besides, the manipulative board for 3-year-olds, but also for older and younger children, develops imagination and does not cause overstimulation. Ultimately – the manipulative boards provide real entertainment for hours and years to come. However, these are not all the benefits offered by the manipulative board – what else does it offer?

Board certificates

The toy must come from a reliable source and be certified. All good toys have to pass a number of tests before they get into the hands of toddlers. If they are completed successfully, the toy receives a certificate showing that it is acceptable for a child to play with. Montessori Boards from Woobiboo are certified. This means that toddlers can play with them safely.

Where to buy a manipulative board?

If you are interested in manipulative boards for children – choose one from the Woobiboo range. In the store you will find a wide variety of products created in the Montessori spirit, that are safe and certified. We offer wall-mounted manipulative boards, standing manual boards for children and many other educational toys.

The manipulative board – what does it give your child? It opens their mind, trains theirs fine motor skills, develops their imagination, keeps them occupied for a long time and grows with the child. This is why sensory boards are so popular – check them out and see how clever and developing your child’s play can be.

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