What elements should be included in a manipulative board?


Young children love playing with everyday objects. The elements for the manipulative board are incredibly fun for toddlers and, at the same time, very beneficial for their development. If you are considering buying such a board and wondering what it should contain, be sure to read our article!

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  1. What elements should be included in a manipulative board?
  2. Advantages of the Woobiboo manipulative board

What elements should be included in a manipulative board?

There are now many models of manipulative boards available on the market with different numbers of elements. Below, we present elements of the manipulative board that will effectively stimulate your toddler’s senses:

  • light switch,
  • handle,,
  • knocker,
  • padlock with keys,
  • bicycle bell,
  • zipper,
  • elements that can be opened, moved, fastened, tied,
  • door chain,
  • Velcro strap,
  • mirror,
  • a hook to close the door,
  • timer,
  • abacus,
  • gears,
  • belt buckle.

Manipulative boards encourage a child to be active and develop concentration skills, as well as stimulate their imagination. The aforementioned elements for the manipulative board shape the senses – sight, hearing, touch – and exercise eye-hand coordination. In this way, the child learns to distinguish colours, identify sounds and recognise the textures of materials.

Is there anything more enjoyable than observing how our baby wholeheartedly engages in play, gaining new skills in the process? For us adults, these are ordinary activities, but for the toddler, it’s something completely new! In this way, the child learns independence and a sense of agency.

Advantages of the Woobiboo manipulative board

The first years of a child’s life are a time of very dynamic development. For this reason, it is crucial to provide a child with toys that support the acquisition of new skills. Woobiboo sensory boards have a range of benefits and are fully adapted to the needs of the youngest. The elements of such a manipulative board have been thoughtfully arranged, allowing the child to shape their abilities at different levels of difficulty. Another significant advantage is their construction – the wooden elements for the manipulative board represent an ecological option that ensures the toy’s aesthetic appearance. Moreover, the intriguing design of Woobiboo manipulative boards makes them blend seamlessly with the interior of a child’s room. Woobiboo boards are created in the spirit of Montessori – they teach children independence and provide opportunities for development according to their needs. They are completely safe, with certificates and safety approvals.

The DIY manipulative board is also an interesting solution – it is a do-it-yourself kit, giving you the opportunity to prepare the board together with your child. This is sure to bring a lot of satisfaction to toddlers and at the same time strengthen family ties.

Sensory boards are toys that will excellently support your child’s development. Toddlers learn best through play, and the sensory boards are sure to provide it! You will be happy observing how your ward acquires new skills, being fully engaged in the activity with the manipulative board.

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