Project number: POPW.01.02.00-20-0017/20

Project title: “Introduction of the Woobiboard manipulation board and educational puzzles with
potential for internationalization into the following foreign markets: Norway, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.”

Objectives and effects of the project implementation:
During the project implementation, products in the form of manipulation boards are manufactured by the Beneficiary
Woobiboard (Mini, Midi, Standard, Plus, Premium XL, Premium Double, Combo) stimulants
the youngest to creative thinking will be introduced to foreign markets, i.e. Germany,
United Arab Emirates and Norway, which will ultimately allow the Company to
regional diversification of revenues, and the experience gained and the implemented business plan
will constitute the foundation for further international expansion, which will be implemented
a key milestone for the development of the Enterprise. Implementation of tasks covered by the schedule
material and financial aspects of the project will enable participation as an exhibitor in events
international fairs and exhibitions, which will provide an opportunity to present
the offered product range, including its functionality and practical use
to a wide audience from all over the world. Organization of business meetings both during and after
during the fair as well as during business trips and will create an opportunity for
establishing target business cooperation that is mutually beneficial in economic terms for
both parties as well as obtaining the necessary knowledge on how to personalize the offer in relation to
needs and expectations reported on the market by given consumer groups. Enterprise vision
after carrying out the assumed tasks and achieving the declared target values
project result indicators is a giant in the personalized toys and accessories industry
children’s and educational toys, offering its products not only on the domestic market
(Polish), but also foreign (United Arab Emirates, Norway, Germany).

Project value: PLN 761,245.70
Amount of contribution of European Funds to the implemented project: PLN 503,446.50