Educational manipulative boards

The children’s education board is the perfect toy for any curious toddler. As a gift, regardless of the occasion, it will make a tremendous impression, both among children and parents. Well-designed, thoughtful, and safe toys are what your child needs for proper development. As a manufacturer of manipulative boards, we offer boards that educate, entertain, and, at the same time, delight the eye while being environmentally friendly. The educational board will help you spark curiosity, creativity, and cognitive abilities in your child, providing wonderful fun along the way! In our range, you will find educational boards that are adapted to the age and developmental level of the toddler.

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Educational toys

The wooden educational boards available in our store have been designed with the needs and expectations of toddlers and their parents in mind. During the production of our educational boards, we pay attention to every detail to ensure the best for your child. Educational boards from Woobiboo:

  • not only teach, but also entertain – our educational boards make learning about the world even more interesting and fun;
  • they are inviting in their appearance – we like to surround ourselves with beautiful objects, and so do our children, which is why we also care about the visual aspect of our toys;
  • are available in different variants – you can choose a board that perfectly matches your child’s interests;
  • are safe for both the toddler and the environment – ecology is an important part of our philosophy, after all, there is no better playground than nature! Our toys are made from environmentally friendly materials and we ship them in biodegradable packaging;
  • they awaken curiosity in a child – positively influencing the cognitive development of the toddler, facilitating the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, and stimulating their creativity;
  • have been made and designed with attention to every detail – all our toys are functional, safe and unique;
  • they make excellent gifts – every toddler will find something for themselves, and such a board is suitable for any occasion;
  • they are also certified to prove their quality – because your toddler deserves the best.

Educational children’s board

Find out more about our Montessori manipulative boards. Opt for balanced and proper development for your child Montessori boards are the perfect gift to support your toddler in the process of discovering the world. Are you interested in manipulative boards for your child’s birthday? You couldn’t have come at a better time!