Manual manipulative boards

The children’s manipulative boards are the perfect toy for any curious toddler – the carefully designed, thoughtfully designed and fully safe manipulative boards will provide your child with all the stimulation they need for proper development. As a manufacturer of manipulative boards, we provide high-quality toys that teach and entertain the child, allowing them to express themselves creatively. Check out our range and decide which manual whiteboard will best suit your toddler’s needs!

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Montessori manual board for the little explorer

The manipulative board is a product that will inspire any toddler to explore the world and tinker. The variety of elements allows the child to think creatively and develops the senses, bringing great joy. Each manipulative board is in line with the Montessori method, which focuses on developing a child’s skills at their individual pace, encompassing the acquisition of new social and personal abilities.

Manual boards – safe for the child and the environment

At Woobiboo, we prioritise the safety and well-being of children, so when producing Montessori boards, we use the highest quality wood and paints that are safe for children, but also for the environment. This gives parents peace of mind about their toddlers while they play. Furthermore, all manipulative boards are packaged in biodegradable packaging that is environmentally friendly.

Sensory boards – combining learning and play

The offered manipulative boards for children make an excellent gift for a toddler, which will undoubtedly bring joy to parents as well. Our creative manipulative boards take care of the balanced stimulation of stimuli that is essential in the first years of a child’s life. The toddler can use tools with varying levels of difficulty, allowing them to learn to develop skills and think independently. We have also ensured that all manual boards come with a beautiful and unique design, making them the perfect addition to a child’s room.

A wide range of manual boards for children

As a manufacturer of manipulative boards for children, we provide a wide range of boards with various designs, colours, and sizes, allowing you to customize them to individual needs. Ensure your child’s creative development and access to the development of motor coordination and psychomotor skills – the manipulative board from Woobiboo is a bullseye!