Montessori manipulative boards

The Montessori manipulative board is an excellent gift idea for a child to support their natural and correct development. As a manufacturer of manipulative boards, we provide high-quality educational boards that adhere to the Montessori method – the method focuses on developing a child’s skills at their individual pace and includes expanding knowledge as well as acquiring social and personal skills. Choose Montessori boards that will inspire your child to explore the world!

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Montessori sensory board as a gift idea

The Montessori manipulative board combines learning and play, allowing toddlers to unleash their creativity. Thanks to the variety of elements, the Montessori board can be personalised and adapted to individual ideas. In line with the Montessori method, children have a choice of tools with varying levels of difficulty. Children’s manual boards provide balanced stimulation, which is vital in the first years of any child’s life.

Wide choice and original design

Woobiboo offers a wide range of Montessori boards that can be found in different designs, colours and sizes. The original and carefully crafted design, along with the combination of wood and pastel colours, makes the Montessori manipulative board a perfect decoration for a child’s room. We also offer a wide range of sizes – each Montessori board provides a large number of elements that promote the exercise of hand coordination and develop psychomotor skills.

Montessori board ensures the proper development of every toddler

As a manufacturer of manipulative boards and wooden toys, we deliver high-quality educational toys for children that contribute to the development of each child’s skills through play and entertainment. The Montessori manipulative board will provide the child with new stimuli and arouse curiosity about the world. You don’t have to worry about your toddler – Montessori boards are completely safe. Check out the Woobiboo offer and decide which Montessori sensory board will be most liked by your child – opt for the perfect combination of education and fun!