Sensory manipulative boards

A manipulative or otherwise sensory board is the perfect gift for any toddler. In our range, you will find only the highest quality toys that combine pleasant with the useful. Learning through play stimulates the proper psycho-physical development of a toddler, enhances their senses, creativity, and improves coordination. The sensory board will allow the little explorer to acquire and consolidate basic skills such as tying shoelaces, opening locks, reading the time on a dial clock and matching shapes. Our sensory toys are a guarantee of great fun! The secret of the sensory manipulative board from Woobiboo lies in the refined design, the thoughtful elements and the use of wood, which gives it a unique character. The pastel colours, which are pleasing to the eye, stimulate the child’s curiosity and encourage them to play. As a manufacturer of Woobiboo manipulative boards, we are constantly expanding and improving our range because we know that clever toys are a better start in the future for your toddler. Provide your child with the very best!

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What do sensory manipulative boards consist of?

Are you looking for a unique toy for your child that will stimulate their psycho-physical functions, influence creativity and improve body coordination? Check out and order the Woobiboard sensory manipulative boards, which stimulate multiple senses through a combination of learning and great fun! Make a gift for your child that will influence instant development compared to their peers!

What is a sensory manipulative board?

The sensory manipulative board is a wooden toy made in the Montessori spirit. The product is constructed from a wooden board on which everyday items are attached, including sliders, mirrors, handles, bells, circles, mazes, handles, detachable blocks, numbers, LEDs, switches, and locks. The elements placed on the board arouse great curiosity in the child. Therefore, the item engages practically all the senses of the toddler, which translates into:

  • Exercising independence and logical thinking,
  • Developing creativity and concentration,
  • Improving body coordination and motor skills,
  • Better perceptiveness,
  • The psychomotor development of the little explorer,
  • And many others.

The board combines great fun with usefulness and provides joy for hours on end for the child and their parents!

What do sensory manipulative boards consist of?

The manipulative board consists of a wooden board on which all sorts of everyday accessories are mounted, e.g. switches, sockets, handles, LEDs, shoes with laces for learning to tie, detachable blocks, a clock for learning time, cranks, opening windows, stickers in the form of animals and much more! Each of the board’s elements has specific functions that help the toddler develop at a different pace. In addition, the boards can come in different colours and patterns. You can choose products in pleasant, pastel colours that perfectly harmonize with the child’s room. What’s more, sensory manipulative boards come in a variety of shapes – you can opt for a rectangular board or choose one that resembles a fairytale character, such as a unicorn, robot or dinosaur!

The product stands out for its usefulness and originality, making it perfect for any home with a child. In addition, we recommend using the board in kindergartens and schools. The teacher’s demonstration of the operation of selected objects mounted on the board will be an excellent lesson for any toddler!

Educational manipulative boards – application and usefulness

The board is an educational toy that aims to influence a child’s development in a slightly different, creative way. Each object on the board inspires the child and arouses their curiosity about the world! This, in turn, translates into improving manual and sensory skills. The toddler exercises hand-eye coordination, while at the same time discovers new everyday items. This kind of play influences the child’s enormous developmental progress and contributes to the child’s self-confidence, creativity, goal-oriented concentration or courage to do unknown things.

Sensory manipulative toy – from what age?

The manipulative board can be used with toddlers who are at least 3 years old. However, simpler models will also work well for young children who are over one year old. The choice of whiteboard depends mainly on the developmental speed of the child, so the choice of a particular model should be tailored to the individual abilities and preferences of the toddler.

How much does a sensory manipulative board cost?

The amount of money you have to spend on buying a board depends on several factors, including the size of the product, its type and the attached elements. The price for simple boards in smaller sizes starts at 109 PLN. However, the cost for large-sized manipulative boards, for example, standing with various accessories, ranges from PLN 299 to PLN 1120.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

  1. What is a manipulative sensory board for a child

The board is a completely safe educational toy that encourages toddlers to tinker and combine learning with a lot of fun! The toy is made of a wooden board on which various everyday items are attached, promoting creativity, logical thinking, and psychophysical development.

  1. How to play with the manipulative board?

Because of its unique form, the board provides many opportunities for play. The child can arrange geometric shapes, ring a bell, open doors, honk a horn, turn on LEDs, lock and unlock locks, or learn to tie shoelaces.

  1. How much does a good manipulative board cost?

The price for a small board starts at PLN 109. However, the price for more elaborate products with a large number of elements ranges from PLN 299 to 1120.

  1. Why buy sensory manipulative boards

The board is the perfect toy that sparks curiosity and a desire to discover new things in every child By using the board, a child develops their psychomotor functions, courage, self-confidence, motor coordination, and much more.