Developmental toys

The developmental toys in this category grow with the child and support their active development. As your child’s nervous system matures, they will discover new play possibilities with our toys. Developmental toys for children also support their psychological and motor development. They align with the Montessori philosophy – they don’t overstimulate They allow free play and develop skills.

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Child developmental toys

Developmental toys for children, which you’ll find in this category, include popular shape sorters, wooden matching puzzles, clock-mimicking puzzles, wooden lacing toys, and many more. Developmental toys are a great and thoughtful gift idea, as well as an essential fixture in nurseries, kindergartens and therapy clinics. They are brilliantly tolerated by children with sensory integration disorders who may be hypersensitive to the loud noises, strong colours and flashing lights of conventional toys.

Developmental toys for infants and older children – what do you need to know about them?

Developmental toys for one-year-olds, infants but also older children should not “attack” toddlers with intense external stimuli. The baby’s immature nervous system is still developing and is often not ready to receive so much intense stimulation at once. Prolonged contact with ill-suited, noisy toys can lead to irritability, sleep problems, crying, and a range of other negative behaviours for the child’s wellbeing. Toys that support the development of infants and older children should be as simple as possible, because it’s in their simplicity that their greatest strength lies!

Developmental children’s toys from Woobiboo are high quality, safe, Montessori-style wooden educational toys. As you browse through the available products, also check out the other categories in our store, where you will find iconic manipulative boards and many other sustainable Montessori-style educational toys.