Educational wooden puzzles

The educational puzzles you will find in this category are safe, developmental toys that have a holistic impact on your child’s psychomotor development. If you avoid plastic, loud, flashing harsh light children’s accessories and opt for Montessori-style toys and puzzles – be sure to check out this category.

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Educational blocks and puzzles – learning through play

Educational puzzles, which you will find in our store, offer many benefits to your child. In addition to almost unlimited play scenarios (it is up to the child to decide how he/she wants to play), they train fine motor skills, teach concentration and allow to understand the cause-and-effect relationships. The wooden educational puzzles help your child to learn shapes, letters and numbers. The toddler can match the pieces to the designated places or make words and numbers out of them. Beyond the educational dimension, natural toys for children teach focus and don’t lead to overstimulation – a state, when a child becomes irritable, fussy, or distracted due to an excess of external stimuli.

Educational wooden puzzles from Woobiboo

All the educational puzzles for children that you find in our store are safe and natural. Made of high-quality, well-protected wood, they are the perfect tool for engaging, clever play. The products in our range include, among others: the iconic wooden alphabet, wooden blocks, 3D puzzles, a number puzzle and much more! Our wooden puzzles for children can be a great gift idea, a piece of equipment for nurseries, kindergartens and therapy rooms. All children can benefit from them – the blind, those with sensory processing disorders, those with autism spectrum disorders, etc. Toys don’t distract children, they make it easier for them to focus and don’t “attack”’ their senses with loud noises, lights and strong colours.

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