Wooden logic puzzles

The wooden logic puzzle develops a child’s natural potential. While playing, the toddler train his memory, concentration and – thanks to the relatively small but child-safe elements – also exercises his fine motor skills by grasping and fitting the pieces into the right place. We offer wood logic puzzles tailored to the individual developmental needs of the child, which stimulate psychomotor skills in the spirit of the Montessori concept.

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Wooden logic puzzles – advantages and uses

The wooden logic puzzle is a universal product It can make an excellent clever toy, but also an effective therapeutic tool. These are the toys that train cause-and-effect thinking. They can serve as an attractive object for children’s therapeutic play:

  • with autism,
  • with Asperger’s syndrome,
  • with sensory processing disorders,
  • but also for children who don’t face these problems.

Choosing logic puzzles from our offer is a good solution if a child is being raised in the spirit of the Maria Montessori theory of education. Wooden puzzles for children are distraction-free, helping them to focus, calm down and develop their senses through play.

Wooden logic puzzle from Woobiboo

The store of the manufacturer of manipulative boards, in addition to boards, also offers other educational toys. Logic puzzles – wooden, improve the ability to concentrate, teach patience, cause-effect association and affect most of the senses: sight, touch and even hearing. The wooden logic puzzle is safe to use and durable. It is protected with approved paints, so it is not dangerous even if it accidentally (or intentionally) ends up in a child’s mouth. We guarantee that the educational puzzles for children in this category are meticulously finished, toys of the highest quality that will serve several generations quietly!

Types of logic puzzles

Wooden puzzles – logical ones, are several visually appealing and educational toys that can be freely adjusted to suit the age of the child. Younger children will certainly benefit from learning about shapes and trying to fit them into the designated place. Older ones will be delighted with the opportunity to test their skills in slightly more intricate puzzles, which can additionally have a positive impact on cognitive training of numbers, as well as letters and their order in the Polish alphabet. All of the wooden logic puzzles in this category can be a great gift idea, but they can also be equipment for nurseries, crèches and therapy rooms. It is also a perfect, timeless toy for a child’s room.