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DIY Sensory Manipulation Board - Do it yourself or together with children -


A unique toy made in your M4? Sure! All you need is dad's precise hand, mom's valuable tips and the child's imagination! Here is the Woobiboard Do It Together board - time spent together, great fun and child development. Explore this developing item and spend some inspiring free time with your child.  

Do It Together, or "do it together"!

From now on, DIY becomes even more important. Preparing the board together is a great joy, and the end result - an incredible satisfaction that will accompany those involved for a long time. The "Do it yourself" manipulation board is made of wooden elements that allow you to stimulate the baby's brain. The toy allows you to explore the environment and react to new stimuli, and additionally it is safe and made of natural, environmentally friendly materials. The active participation of children in the construction of the toy is a proven point of the Do It Together program. In addition to interesting entertainment, you give your child the opportunity to safely observe and support the creation process and influence the final appearance and functionality of the toy. The Do It Together manipulation board is primarily about time together, which develops the child and strengthens family relationships. You can assemble it according to our proposed arrangement of elements or create your own version. The Montessori DIY manipulation board allows you to place components vertically or horizontally, which allows you to create a one-of-a-kind design. The "Do it yourself" sensory board is available in two colors - mint and pink.It will be not only a functional toy, but also an exceptional decoration for every child's room. The product is intended from 3 years of age, only under the supervision of an adult.


high-quality plywood
Product intended to be hung on the wall
2.5 kg, 3.5 kg