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The busy board is an interesting and safe way for a toddler to discover the world. All the real world objects that are so interesting to a child at a young age are gathered in one place. Now you can watch your baby's activity without running around the house! The Woobiboard MIDI manipulation board is an excellent toy for the development of children that allows them to discover and engage their own will, decisions and ideas.

Why the Woobiboard MIDI busy board?

  • A safe and certified toy for your child.
  • The abacus and felt numbers will familiarize the child with basic mathematical issues that will facilitate learning in the further development.
  • A set of gears is an interesting way to learn about mechanical and cause-and-effect processes.
  • A door with a set of closures trains dexterity and perseverance.
  • Stickers with animals and their sounds will stimulate children's imagination.
  • Playing with the seasons of the year will significantly affect the perception of time and develop the ability to associate.
  • The panel with a diode stimulates the auditory and visual receptors.
  • The engaging magnetic puzzle practically trains your memory and teaches you patience.
  • Playing with putting elastic bands on buttons will develop grasping, dexterity and persistence in the child's pursuit of goals.

Why Woobiboo Busy Boards?

All components are carefully checked by hand and securely fastened. The materials we use come from proven sources, which is confirmed, among others, by certificates for hypoallergenic paints and high-quality glued wood. Our manipulation boards are completely safe toys, which is confirmed, among others, by European Certificate of Compliance with the toy safety standards PN-EN 71-1 and PN-EN 71-2.
With boundless energy, inquisitive minds, and fingers that want to poke, pull and open anything, young children are the best young explorers, and there's no better way to learn than through interactive play! Busy boards give the child the opportunity to learn through experience, which is of great value in the child's development.
When creating a space for children, it is extremely important to choose the right shapes and colors that will not distract them while playing, learning or resting. Woobiboo manipulation boards are designed to entertain, teach and decorate children's interiors.


high-quality plywood

Color scheme

natural with pink
natural with blue
grey with pink
grey with blue


• sprockets of various sizes
• mirror
• abacus
• maze with a bee
• door with latches
• a window with pictures of the seasons
• puzzle with magnets
• chalk surface under the puzzle
• bolts
• small ring
• buttons with elastic bands
• light switch with diode
• velcro with felt numbers Reviews with