Busy board Roomy box for toys. Magnetic board for writing with chalk. Comfortable seat. Bedside cabinet. A toy that will take the child for hours. Minimalism and children's design at a high level. A product that your child will enjoy for several years. Pure form. Great fun and learning to be independent. It's Woobibox. In three perfect colors.


Simple form. Sophisticated design

  Woobibox goes a step further compared to educational toys on the market. It is a combination of a manipulation board, a magnetic chalk board, a box for toys and a comfortable seat. Additionally, it is animated, which develops the child's sensitivity to animals.   It saves space, materials and money. Minimalism in form, maximumism in effectiveness.   According to the Montessori method, Woobibox encourages creative thinking and exercising the motor skills of little hands.  

Our project - your composition

Our project - your composition You can choose one of three color versions - to match your child's room:
  • piggy
  • dusty mint
  • honey
Now it's time to decide on the functionalities. You know your child best, you know what will interest them the most. Let your Woobibox be fully tailored to the needs of your child. Choose two of the following:
  • wall with gears
  • wall with a coulodrome
  • a wall with a shape sorter
  • wall with sliders (additionally inside with a plate with engraved alphabet)
Finally - the last decision - the lid:
  • lid with seat
  • lid with beads
We also attach a set to the chest: eyes, noses, ears and chalk, all so that you can create unique friends together: a pig, a unicorn, a frog or an imaginary creature.    

Woobibox - is it a good choice for my child?

Woobibox has been designed to support the comprehensive development of your toddler.  
  • The child does not waste time playing with nothing that adds anything. Woobibox is an engaging product that, apart from entertainment, ensures proper development and stimulates the senses.
  • It will encourage you to keep order. The box for toys is at hand, you do not need to reach for high shelves.
  • The child exercises the hands, develops creative thinking. Woobiboxcontains elements of varying degrees of difficulty. A child can translate beads, draw lines, rearrange gears, and write with chalk.
  • Your child does not need other toys. Woobibox has so many options that the child does not get bored and constantly returns to play on their own and discover the world.
  • Woobibox is perfect for siblings. Several children can play with it at the same time. Both the older and younger ones will find something for themselves.
Thanks to this, your toddler learns independence and develops skills at the pace he needs.    

We care about the safety and high quality of our products

  Woobibox was created after many months of talks, consultations and research. In creating this toy, we have engaged a toy designer, physiotherapists, educators, carpenters and varnishers.   All this so that your child receives a safe, fully tested product. We give you a quality guarantee and a safety certificate. Because carefree play must be safe.   Beech plywood was used for production. All paints and varnishes are ecological, non-toxic and natural.   In addition to functionality and quality of workmanship, we care about the appearance and finish of our products. Minimalistyczny wygląd, odpowiednio dobrane kolory.   We believe that toys can be an aesthetic complement to an interior and shape not only skills, but also good taste, from an early age.  


Ścianka 1
wall with a coulodrome, wall with gears, wall with zippers, wall with shapes
Ścianka 2
wall with a coulodrome, wall with gears, wall with zippers, wall with shapes
lid with beads, lid with seat
35cm x 40cm x 32cm
Wooden plywood