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Puzzle Wooden Alphabet - Chalkboard Puzzle for Children - Woobiboo


Wooden alphabet puzzles are a way to combine fun with learning in the Montessori style! A blackboard with letters for children teaches through play - without unnecessary sounds, lights and harsh, distracting colors. Wooden alphabet puzzles help focus, teach patience, concentration and… letters!      

Wooden alphabet puzzle - learning through play

Children love puzzles! The wooden alphabet puzzle is a smart way to keep young and old children busy for a long time. The little ones will train fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Older children will learn the letters of the alphabet in a practical and interesting way, and will even be able to form the first words from a puzzle. Contrary to appearances, one simple toy, such as a wooden alphabet puzzle, has many different applications, the limits of which are only the child's imagination that changes with age. In this way, the wooden alphabet puzzle becomes a universal toy that will be used by a child for at least a few years. Naturally reproduced letters as well as durable and safe wood emphasize the timelessness of our puzzles. Wooden puzzles for children, such as the presented wooden alphabet puzzles, are one of the timeless solutions for engaging fun. Similarly popular are manipulation boards and wooden educational toys that help in learning, playing and even in the therapy of children with various types of disorders (useful during AI therapy). ALPHABET wooden puzzle with letters in 3 languages: english, german and polish.


0.5 kg
34 cm x 30 cm x 3,5 cm
high-quality plywood
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