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Woobiboard STANDARD manipulation board -


The Woobiboard STANDARD manipulation board is definitely a version for a small DIY enthusiast who will be happy to discover individual parts and their functions placed on the toy. The STANDARD manipulation board consists of many interesting and engaging components that develop the child manually, but above all, provide many hours of uninterrupted fun. The best way to give your child a full sensory experience is to give him a manipulation board in the spirit of Montessori pedagogy. The product is intended from 3 years of age, only under the supervision of an adult.

Why the Woobiboard STANDARD manipulation board?

A safe and certified toy for your child. A non-accidental number of different types of closures is a unique set, thanks to which the child can practice his dexterity and creativity from an early age. The attached pipe gives the opportunity to learn about the cause and effect process. A switch with a diode will stimulate the child's reaction to light stimuli. Sound elements in the form of a trumpet or a bicycle bell are responsible for sensory cognition. The maze stimulates logical thinking and builds persistence in the child. The socket with a plug placed on the board is one of the favorite parts that can be safely reached by toddlers knowing its application. The variety of individual components of the board is attractive to children of all ages. Why Woobiboo manipulation boards? SAFETY and QUALITY As the safety of children is our priority - we only use the best materials and components. Certified hypoallergenic paints and wood are the basis for creating toys that are suitable for children. Our manipulation boards are completely safe toys, which is confirmed, among others, by Certificate of Compliance with the toy safety standards PN-EN 71-1 and PN-EN 71-2. DEVELOPMENT Toys are fun and exciting, but also a great source of learning. During the first years of life, a child's brain develops rapidly, making this a great opportunity to introduce toys that can help develop a variety of cognitive and physical abilities. Manipulation boards develop more than 10 children's skills, therefore it is an investment in your child's future. APPEARANCE In addition to their functionality, manipulation boards are also an aesthetic element of a child's room decor. Thanks to carefully selected and subdued colors, the child learns to perceive colors and the world around him.


7 kg
50cm x 62,5cm
The product is intended to be hung on the wall
Wooden plywood

Color scheme

szara z fioletem
naturalna z błękitem
naturalna z różem


• zębatki różnej wielkości
• suwak
• karabińczyk
• kółka meblowe
• włącznik światła z diodą
• gniazdko z wtyczką
• rura
• trąbka
• zapięcie z paskiem
• zasuwka
• kalkulator
• lusterko
• labirynt z autem/ślimakiem
• drzwiczki z kompletem zamknięć: (zasuwka, zamknięcie, haczyk, gałka meblowa, kłódka z kluczykami)
• bucik ze sznurowadłem
• zasuwa łańcuchowa
• dzwonek rowerowy,
• rączka z kółeczkami
• rzep

W zależności od partii produkcyjnej tablice manipulacyjne mogą posiadać drobne różnice wynikające z naturalnej struktury drewna oraz pracy ręcznej. Reviews with