Wooden puzzles for children are an excellent way for balanced learning of shapes, letters, and numbers. The toys in this category have been made from durable wood, with attention to the smallest detail. Wooden puzzles influence the development of fine motor skills.

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Wooden block puzzle for a younger child

While playing a child explores shapes using the senses of touch and sight, trying to fit them into the right places. Older children will additionally benefit from the cognitive development of counting and writing. All wooden puzzles for children in this category have been created in the spirit of the Montessori concept.

The wooden puzzles offered by the store of manipulative board manufacturer Woobiboo are tailored to the individual needs of children at every stage of development. Wooden puzzles for the youngest often feature diverse shapes – geometric figures and colours -through which a child learns to recognize using their senses The smooth wood and safe, certified paints used in the production of the puzzles make it possible for the toddler to distinguish shapes:

  • with the help of the hands,
  • with the help of the eyes,
  • putting the blocks in the mouth.

Wooden puzzles for toddlers don’t light up or play sounds. Playing with them promotes the psychomotor development of the child in the spirit of Maria Montessori’s theory of education. During play, a child isn’t overwhelmed by an excessive number of stimuli, which, in excess, can lead to irritability, distraction and crying.

Wooden block puzzles for older children – excellent support for the Krakow method

Although wooden blocks – puzzles are universal toys, it is also possible to distinguish those dedicated to older children. Puzzles for 5-year-olds are wooden puzzle-type toys that teach the toddler the order of numbers instead of shapes, and even the more advanced alphabet (lowercase and uppercase written letters). This is excellent literacy learning delivered in the Montessori spirit. We also offer educational puzzles with a personalised name, which are an excellent starting point for learning to read. The child learns the letters, matches them to the shapes, can wiggle his or her finger around them, thus reinforcing the pattern and sequence of letters in their name.

Caregivers who teach their child to read, using elements or the entire scheme of the Krakow method – will certainly appreciate our wooden puzzles for children. They also fit perfectly into simultaneous-sequential reading instruction. These are simply excellent educational wooden puzzles for children with high therapeutic and developmental potential.

Wooden toys – puzzles from Woobiboo

Wooden logic puzzles for children are a great way to engage in smart and developmental play. Wooden toys aren’t only durable – they offer countless types of play. Their intended use lies solely in the child’s imagination. Wooden puzzles also serve as sorters, teaching the recognition of colours and sizes, shapes, numbers, and letters. They stimulate the child’s natural motor skills and also train concentration and memory.