Safe and correct child development

The only fully certified toys and manipulative boards on the market that, together with you, nurture the development of your little explorer. Transform daily play with Woobiboo into a fun journey that exercise the motor skills of little hands, sparks creativity, and satisfies your child’s curiosity. Help your child explore the world safely! Choose Woobiboo wooden toys that entertain and educate!

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Do you want to invest in your child’s development?

Tired of walking into children’s stores and seeing the same toys over and over? We are crafting a world where our children grow up. We are responsible for future generations and it is up to us whether they are oriented towards consumerism or informed and responsible shopping. You no longer have to spend money on something that isn’t good for your child.

Your child explores the world during play.

Thoughtfully designed toys, consulted with designers, physiotherapist and educators, and tested by happy children. Whatever you choose – it is a good choice. These are products that, in line with the Montessori method, encourage creative thinking and exercise the motor skills of little hands. The child learns to tie his shoes, read the time, open the zipper and match shapes. It awakens creativity. As a result, the child assimilates knowledge faster, is calm and relaxed, and establishes relationships with peers more easily.

Do you want to know more about us?

It isn’t about us, but it is good to know who is creating toys for your child. We have been creating toys in Poland, in Łomża, for more than 4 years. Here in our workshop, ideas come to life. We consult with specialists, choose materials, colours, and finally, bring it all together and produce. Each product follows the same path. It is many months of planning, testing, checking. We aren’t just focused on making a sale and saying goodbye; so we carefully supervise every stage of production. We don’t work with companies without any background check first. We make toys because we feel responsible for the creative development of children. We have had enough of untested toys flooding the market, which instead of helping, only harm toddlers. We like beautiful children’s rooms – and so we create toys. They decorate, not disfigure. They intrigue, interest and grow with the child. Our products have already found their way into more than 15,000 homes in Poland, Europe, Asia and America.

Each toy (not just the components) has a safety certificate

We provide you with toys that have been thoroughly tested and researched at every step. You can be sure that your child can explore the world safely. We make no secret of the fact that our products aren’t for everyone. We create them for conscious and responsible parents who know that it is worth investing in their child’s development. They value quality, design and functionality. Your child deserves complete safety.

We oversee the creation of Woobiboo toys

The products at Woobiboo aren’t dashed off in a garage. It is many months of planning, consultation, testing and checking that they are definitely, completely safe. We know all about them because we oversee the entire process of their creation. From A to Z. At every stage. We won’t beat around the bush. Our toys aren’t the cheapest. You can look for cheaper alternatives, but it will always come at the expense of quality and safety for your toddler. Several tens of thousands of parents have already trusted us

Timeless design

Woobiboo combines aesthetics with functionality. Wood, as the main material, gives the products a natural, warm look that blends perfectly with the soft pastel colours. Each element is thoughtfully and carefully crafted, creating a balanced whole. Subtle details, such as smoothly finished edges and carefully selected shade, add elegance to the products. Woobiboo design is a combination of simplicity and minimalism with a touch of childlike joy. These are products that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also provide a beautiful decorative element in a child’s room. Woobiboo is an aesthetic that delights at every turn.

Creative board as a gift idea for a child

Our creative manipulative boards for children provide balanced stimulation, that is extremely important in the first years of a toddler’s life. Thanks to the Montessori method, children have a free choice of tools of varying difficulty. Montessori boards provide suitable conditions for exploring the surroundings and responding to stimuli, developing various skills and independent thinking. The multifunctional development board can be personalised and adapted to the individual ideas and needs of the child. Creative manipulative boards for one year olds are a great gift idea that is sure to stay with your toddler for a long time, educating them through tinkering and fun.


Woobiboards – unique, high-quality boards for children

At Woobiboo, our top priority is the well-being and safety of children. That is why our manipulative boards for children are crafted with attention to every little detail. We put a lot of heart into the toys we offer, using the highest quality wood and paints that are safe for health and the environment. The high quality and functionality of the creative boards for children is confirmed by numerous certificates. In care for children and our planet, we use biodegradable packaging in all orders. Each multifunctional children’s manipulative board has been given a beautiful and unique design – we combine wood with pastel colours and thoughtfully designed elements. As a result, our manipulative boards are not only functional but also perfect for decorating a child’s room, pleasing the eye with their appearance.


Proper development of every toddler with Woobiboo

As a wooden toy workshop, we deliver high quality educational toys for children that effectively develop their skills while providing a huge amount of fun and entertainment. By choosing Woobiboard manipulative boards, every parent can rest assured about the safe play of their toddlers, providing them with new stimuli and sparking an interest in the surrounding world. Take care of your toddler’s development and go for Woobiboards developmental manipulative boards for children at an attractive price!