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The Woobiboo busy board is a blend of play and learning – a product that inspires exploration and tinkering, enhances sensory development, and brings a lot of fun.

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Busy board

Are you looking for an educational toy for your toddler that will enhance their motor and sensory development? Check out the Woobiboard busy boards, which are a fantastic combination of play and learning! Check and order boards with home delivery that inspire tinkering, exploration, and provide a lot of fun for your child for long hours!

What is a busy board board?

The busy board is a sensory toy that encourages the development of motor and sensory functions in every child. It most commonly comes in the form of a stand or a wall-mounted toy. It takes the form of a wooden, rectangular board, circle, or cutout of a favourite character, on the surface of which there are everyday items such as handles, bells, sliders, locks, shoes with laces, animals, circles, LEDs, and many more. The attached objects trigger each child’s hand-eye coordination, and thus their curiosity about the world and desire to tinker. Thanks to the toy, the toddler develops at a different pace compared to his peers, which influences a faster learning process in the following years of his life.

What are the benefits of playing with busy boards?

The greatest advantage of sensory boards is that they are made in the spirit of Montessori, thus stimulating almost all the senses! Through learning by touch, the child learns about the world in a slightly different, creative way. Each of the elements triggers creativity, perceptiveness, and logical thinking in the child, which has a tremendous impact on further development, even in adult life! In addition, the product brings a lot of fun for the child as well as the parent! The emotions triggered during play contribute to faster progress in fine motor skills and independence. Another advantage of the boards is providing freedom during tinkering, resulting in hours of fantastic fun!

Which manipulative toy to buy?

Thanks to the wide range on offer, you can tailor the manipulative board to your child. In addition to this, the board will be perfect as a gift for a child. The product comes in many colour variations, patterns, textures, as well as having different types of elements that trigger touch. Moreover, you can choose the board to match the colour of baby’s room! See below what kind of manipulative board to buy for a girl and what kind for a boy!

Educational board for a boy
In the store you will find a manipulative board created especially for boys. For your son, choose a children’s sensory toy in blue, grey or natural brown. In addition, the elements placed on the board should deepen the natural abilities of toddlers, so the best additions will be, among other things, geometric figures, a horn, detachable blocks or numbers. In addition, personalisation in the form of your child’s name on the board will further encourage learning to read!

Wooden board for a girl
For a girl, on the other hand, choose a product in shades of pink, purple or natural wood. In addition, opt for objects placed on the surface, such as letters, numbers, zippers, plugs, shoes with laces for learning to tie or windows which hide interesting drawings of animals! For a girl, you can buy a board in the shape of a dinosaur or a unicorn. The item’s unique forms and colours will further trigger curiosity and provide a lot of fun!

When to buy a manipulative board?

The manipulative board is dedicated to children who are at least 3 years old. However, thanks to the differentiated modules that are attached to the structure of the board, the product will even work for children who are one year old. It is clear that the interest in the chosen objects depends on the developmental stage of each toddler. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate model should be adjusted to the individual child, their development pace, and age. Remember to ensure the safety of the toddler, when he/she is playing with the board!

What elements are educational sensory boards made of

The surface of each board is made of high-quality wooden board on which everyday items are mounted, such as sliders, handles, locks, switches, decorations, vehicles, letters, numbers, horns, mirrors, pull-out blocks, plugs, fairy-tale illustrations, and many more. Each element of the board is characterised by its originality and usefulness. These are items designed to stimulate the toddler’s creative behaviours, thereby influencing the development of their mind and physical movements, which, in turn, impact their attitude in adult life. The selection of each module is very well thought out and aims to inspire tinkering, which, in turn, influences determination, inspiration for discovering new things, courage, and self-confidence in adult life.

How much does a manipulative board cost for the toddlers?

The amount to be spent on the purchase of a handmade manipulative board depends on the size and the quantity of used components that are present on the surface The price starts from PLN 109 for models in small sizes. On the other hand, hanging boards with various accessories range in cost from PLN 159 to 789. The most expensive are the standing models, which have a set of two boards! The price for this type of boards starts from PLN 549 and can go up to PLN 1120. It is worth noticing that more expensive products come with a greater number of imaginative items, which contribute to an even better development of the child. Therefore, it is not worth saving money on your purchase!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

  1. What is a manipulative board?

The manipulative board is a safe toy in the form of a wooden board on which different types of everyday objects are placed. The product encourages fine motor activity, thereby shaping each child’s motor and sensory functions.

  1. What does a manipulative board provide?

Due to its unique form, the board stimulates all senses in the child. It triggers better creativity, independence, motor functions, as well as perceptiveness and a willingness to explore unknown things. To spark the child’s interest, it’s worth to personally demonstrate the operation of selected elements beforehand.

  1. At what age should an educational board be used for a child?

The boards are dedicated to children who are at least 3 years old. However, there are simpler models that will work well even for younger toddlers.

  1. How much does a manipulative board cost?

The price depends on the size and the modules used. The cost for simple boards starts from PLN 109. On the other hand, more expensive models with a greater number of items cost from PLN 159 to 1120.