LED panel Woobiboo busy toy


The long-awaited electronic panel with coloured LEDs and switches of various types.

  • Our products are fully safe toys,
  • We use the highest quality wood, plywood and other materials resistant to throwing or shuffling,
  • We use paints without harmful substances, so they have a better composition than some sweets!

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Product has a Certificate of Compliance with the toy safety standards  PN-EN 71

All our products are made in our manufacture in Poland.

A fantastic manipulative toy?
Electronic LED panel! The compact panel with coloured lights is an interactive manipulative toy for older and younger children that consists of different types of switches and LEDs, allowing the child to experiment and learn through play. Each button works in a completely different way and triggers a different visual effect, including lights in various colours or flashing, allowing for the creation of diverse combinations of lights and interesting patterns.

Developing fun
The lights are something that really interests children! The LED electronic panel is a great manipulative toy and an excellent way to develop psychomotor skills, perceptiveness, manual skills and also creativity.

Quality and safety
We give you a guarantee of the highest quality and safety. Our manipulative toy has been rigorously tested and all paints and varnishes used in production are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The LED panel also complies with EU standards (EN-71), as confirmed by tests carried out by external testing laboratories.

panel led

The product is made of high quality glued wood and kept in natural colours, so that it will not only entertain and educate but also decorate the room for years to come.


  • cable with plug -> turning on the green light
  • yellow on/off switch -> turning on yellow light
  • rocker switch -> red light
  • red button -> flashing light
  • white button -> momentary spotlight on
  • chalkboard for recording important parameters 🙂


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 27 × 5 cm

High-quality wooden plywood, Ecological paints



See our production process

That is, how, step by step, the safest manipulative boards in Poland are created!

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