Store regulations

§1 General provisions

  1. These regulations define the rules for making purchases in the online store Woobiboo – by Woobiboo Piotr Podbielski, ul. Poznańska 105, 18-400 Łomża, NIP 7182147562, REGON 369196098
  2. The terms used in the regulations mean:
    1. Customer – a natural person (having full legal capacity) who has made or intends to make a purchase in the online store Woobiboo. The Customer can only be a Consumer;
    2. Consumer – in accordance with the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code – a User who, as a natural person, performs a legal action in the Store not directly related to his/her economic or professional activity. Consumers, within the meaning of these Regulations, shall also include sole traders entering into contracts of a non-professional nature arising from the subject matter of their activities;
    3. Seller – Woobiboo Piotr Podbielski, ul. Poznańska 105, 18-400 Łomża, NIP 7182147562, REGON 369196098
    4. Store – the online store maintained by the Seller at the domain;
    5. Regulations – this document and all its annexes.
  3. The store offers for retail sale, via the internet, of manipulative boards and other toys for children, as well as decorations and interior design elements. The above products are available through the Store in the form of finished products or custom-made products.
  4. Detailed product information can be found on the website, as well as made available by e-mail at the Seller’s e-mail address.
  5. The Customer may contact the Seller by post at the address indicated in point 2b and by e-mail at the following e-mail address:
  6. Orders can be placed in the Store 24 hours a day. Responses to Customer’s e-mails, telephone contact with the Seller and the processing of placed orders are carried out from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm.

§2 Terms of use

  1. To be able to place an order via the Store, the Customer must meet the following technical requirements:
    1. have a computer, laptop or other device with internet access;
    2. have access to e-mail;
    3. use a web browser (Internet Explorer version 7.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 or later, Opera version 11.0 or later, Google Chrome version 20.0 or later, Safari version 5.0 or later);
    4. use a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768;
    5. enable cookies in your browser.
  2. The online store provides electronic services in the form of Account Registration, User Account and Order Form. The Store does not charge any fees for providing these services.
  3. To use the Order Form, the Customer selects the product they are interested in and then presses the “Add to basket” button.
  4. Pressing the aforementioned button adds the selected product to the Basket. Once a product has been added to the Basket, the Customer can proceed to place an order or continue shopping.
  5. The above services are provided for an indefinite period. The Customer can resign from the user account service at any time without providing a reason by sending an appropriate email message to the Seller’s email address. The Customer may withdraw from the contract for the provision of the Account Registration, User Account or Order Form services without stating any reason within 14 days from the date of the order as stated above.

§3 Conclusion of contracts

  1. The contract is concluded between the Seller and the Customer.
  2. All prices shown on the Store website are gross prices (including VAT) in Polish zloty. Product prices do not include shipping costs.
  3. The Seller takes reasonable care to ensure that the photos of the products reflect their colour, character, texture and condition. The colours of the products in the photos, due to, among other things, the different resolution, calibration and brightness of the screen of the Buyer’s computer on which the photos are displayed or the use of flash, may differ slightly from reality. In addition to the photo, the Store provides a description of the product and its colour. If in doubt, please contact the Seller in advance. Some products may differ slightly from the products in the pictures due to a different production batch (e.g. different shade of paint used), as well as due to the use of natural products (e.g. differences in the shade of wood, grain distribution),
  4. Orders can be placed via the Store’s website using the Order Form (without registration) or by means of a User Account. The Seller does not conduct telephone sales.
  5. The Store offers ready-made products and customised products for sale. Customised products are divided into two groups:
    1. Personalised products, i.e. personalisation of finished products at the Customer’s request,
    2. Products made entirely to the Customer’s order.
  6. To make a purchase, the Customer selects the products of interest in the Store by clicking on the “Add to basket” button. Then, the Customer has the opportunity in the “Basket” preview to select the number of products. Once the Customer has finished selecting the products, he/she proceeds to the tab where he/she specifies the method of delivery of the products.
  7. The Customer then clicks the “Order and pay” button, which redirects the customer to a page containing information about the order. This information includes, but is not limited to: stating the main characteristics of the goods ordered, indicating the total price including taxes and delivery charges, presenting the Customer’s data provided in the order form.
  8. The Customer, in order to place an order, is obliged to confirm the order by clicking the “Order and pay” button located below the order summary.
  9. Clicking the “Order and pay” button is equivalent to the Customers declaration of awareness of placing an order, which entails the obligation to pay.
  10. The conclusion of the sales contract takes place when the Customer confirms the order, i.e. when the Customer clicks the “Order and pay” button.
  11. The payment deadline is the day on which the payment should be credited to the Seller’s account.
  12. To use the Order Form, the Customer must confirm that he/she have read and accepted these Regulations.
  13. After the Customer places an order, the seller sends a confirmation email acknowledging the order for processing, along with information regarding its fulfilment. This includes, among other things: defining the main features of the ordered goods, the order fulfilment period, specifying the total price including taxes and delivery charges, and presenting the Customer’s data provided in the Order Form.
  14. The content of the concluded contract is recorded, secured and made available by:
    1. making these Regulations available on the Store’s website;
    2. recording the content of the contract in the Store’s computer system.
  15. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to fulfil an order under the sales contract if the Customer’s contact details are not correct.

§4 Payment terms

  1. The online store provides the following forms of payment for your order:
    1. Online payment (Tpay)
    2. Cash on delivery (only available for non-personalised orders)
    3. Transfer to a bank account held:
      1. in Polish zloty
      2. in GBP
      3. in euro
  2. The Customer is obliged to make payment or collect the goods when ordering with personal collection within 5 working days from the date of purchase.
  3. For individual orders, prepayment is the only form of payment.
  4. In the context of choosing the delivery method referred to in §5.3b, the only accepted form of payment is prepayment. If the delivery method referred to in §5.3a(i) is chosen, the Customer may choose to pay in advance or cash on delivery.
  5. If there is a necessity to reimburse funds for a transaction carried out by the Customer using a payment card, the Seller will initiate the refund to the bank account linked to the Customer’s payment card.

§5 Method and costs of delivery

  1. The Customer bears the costs of delivering the ordered products to the designated location.
  2. The products are delivered to the specified address within the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad. The delivery charges for the products are provided in the panel and in the order confirmation email.
  3. The online Store allows you to choose from the following delivery methods:
    1. Deliveries within the Republic of Poland
      1. Courier (DPD, FEDEX),
      2. Parcel lockers,
      3. Personal collection.
    2. Deliveries abroad
      1. courier GLS, DPD.
  4. The order processing time is up to 10 business days from the receipt of payment for the ordered goods in the Seller’s account (or, in the case of payment by credit card, as specified in §4.1c, from the moment of obtaining positive payment authorization). In the case of custom-made products, the Seller will specify the production deadline for the product in a separate email message. The estimated processing time is always indicated on the subpage

§6 Right of withdrawalt

  1. The provisions contained in this paragraph constitute rights granted exclusively to the Customer who is a Consumer.
  2. The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller within 14 days from the day of receiving the shipment or personally picking it up, without stating a reason.
  3. The Customer can submit a statement of withdrawal from the contract using the withdrawal form located at the end of these Regulations, either by mail to the address: Woobiboo, ul. Poznańska 105, 18-400 Łomża, as well as at the e-mail contact address:
  4. The submission of a statement of withdrawal from the contract without using the form does not affect the effectiveness of the withdrawal Sending the declaration of withdrawal before the deadline is sufficient for it to be effective.
  5. The Seller shall immediately confirm receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by e-mail (to the address provided when the order was placed).
  6. The Consumer should return the purchased products within 14 days of sending the withdrawal declaration to the Seller’s address.
  7. In the event of sending a statement of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is considered as not concluded.
  8. The Consumer shall bear the direct costs of returning the purchased products.
  9. The Consumer is liable for compensation for the diminished value of the item resulting from its use beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the item, such as cleaning costs, repair of parts, or removal of tags. To determine the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods, the Consumer should only handle and inspect them only in the same way as he would be able to do in a stationary store.
  10. The Seller is obliged to promptly, no later than within 14 calendar days from the day of receiving the Consumer’s statement of withdrawal from the contract, refund to the Consumer all payments made by them, including the delivery costs of the product (excluding additional costs resulting from the Customer’s choice of a delivery method other than the least expensive standard delivery method offered by the Store). The seller refunds the payment using the same payment method that the Consumer used unless the Consumer explicitly agreed to a different method of refund.
  11. The Seller may withhold the refund of payments received from the Consumer until the product is received back or until the Consumer provides proof of its return.
  12. The right of withdrawal shall not apply to contracts in which the object of performance is a custom-made product, i.e. a non-refabricated product, manufactured to the Consumer’s specifications or intended to meet the Consumer’s personalised needs. Customised products are all the products specified in §3.6.

§7 Product complaint

  1. The Seller is obliged to supply products free from physical and legal defects.
  2. The Seller’s liability for physical or legal defects expires two years from the date of product delivery. Before the expiration of the above-mentioned period, the Consumer can notify the Seller of any detected defects by sending a relevant email message to the address:
  3. The Consumer is not bound by the above-mentioned methods of submitting a complaint. They may submit a complaint in any manner, provided that a durable medium is used.
  4. The complaint notification should include:
    1. the name or business name of the buyer;
    2. residential/business address for correspondence;
    3. attached proof of product purchase (e.g., receipt, invoice, proof of transfer, etc.);
    4. precise identification of the complained goods;
    5. indication of a defect describing the non-compliance of the goods with the contract and the date of its occurrence
    6. the complainant’s request (withdrawal from the contract, price reduction, product exchange, defect removal);
    7. the date of submission and the signature of the complainant.
  5. The Seller confirms the receipt of the complaint and urges the Consumer to promptly deliver the faulty product to the Seller for the purpose of addressing the complaint.
  6. If the complaint is not accepted, the goods will be returned along with an explanation of the grounds for rejecting the complaint.
  7. If the Seller does not respond to the Consumer’s complaint within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the complaint, it shall be assumed that he has accepted the Consumer’s complaint and his demand.

§8 Contracts with entrepreneurs

  1. The provisions of this paragraph apply exclusively to contracts concluded with Customers who are entrepreneurs
  2. Placing an order on behalf of a legal entity or an organizational unit without legal personality is equivalent to declaring that the person placing the order is authorized to represent the entity on whose behalf the order is placed. Placing an order without proper authorization will result in the person placing the order being held responsible for any damages arising from this fact.
  3. The entrepreneur is obliged to inspect the shipment delivered to them by the carrier in a manner commonly accepted, and in the event of finding any shortage or damage to the product, they are obligated to take all necessary actions to determine the carrier’s liability.
  4. The entrepreneur loses his warranty if they did not inspect the item in the manner and time customary for items of this kind and did not immediately notify the Seller of the defect. In the case where the defect becomes apparent only later, the entrepreneur must notify the Seller immediately after its discovery.
  5. The Seller reserves the right to terminate a contract concluded with an entrepreneur within 14 days of its conclusion without giving reasons.
  6. All disputes arising from the performance of the contract between the Seller and the entrepreneur will be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the Seller’s registered office.

§9 Out-of-court dispute resolution

  1. To resolve a dispute arising from making purchases in the Store, the Consumer has the option of seeking assistance from the following institutions by filing a case in a common court:
    1. using a permanent amicable consumer court as referred to in the Act of 15 December 2000 on Trade Inspection by submitting a request for settlement of a dispute arising from the sales contract;
    2. applying to the Provincial Inspector of Trade Inspection to initiate mediation proceedings with a view to resolving the dispute amicably;
    3. seeking assistance from the district or municipal consumer ombudsman or a social organization whose goal is the protection of consumer rights.
  2. Detailed information on the Consumer’s options for using out-of-court dispute resolution methods and the availability of procedures is available at the offices and websites of institutions such as the Trade Inspection, district (city) consumer ombudsmen, social organizations dedicated to consumer rights protection, and the Office of Contest and Consumer Protection.
  3. A platform for online dispute resolution between consumers and traders at EU level (ODR platform) is available at The ODR platform is an interactive and multilingual website with a comprehensive service point for consumers and entrepreneurs seeking out-of-court resolution of disputes related to contractual obligations arising from an online sales agreement or a service provision agreement.

§10 Final provisions

  1. The seller reserves the right to change these Regulations due to changes in the applicable law or changes in the way contracts are concluded and executed. These changes will not affect placed, ongoing, or completed orders and contracts.
  2. In matters not regulated by these Regulations, the provisions of the generally applicable law apply, in particular the Civil Code of April 23, 1964, and the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014.
  3. The provisions and rights granted to users who are entrepreneurs conducting a sole proprietorship and performing legal actions through the Platform for non-professional purposes come into effect on 1 June 2020.
  4. The Regulations are effective from 1 August 2020