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Wooden manipulative toys and many other products

Wooden manipulative toys are an excellent way to offer children – both older and younger – a clever, simple toy that will stimulate their minds and imaginations through positive engagement. Wooden manipulative toys for children train their motor skills, memory, teach patience and focus. Among all the plastic, noise, and bright colours, wooden toys for kids provide a nice change that toddlers and older kids enjoy. Don’t give a ready-made play plan to your child! Let them become the director of their own play and let their imagination write the script for an engaging and developing activity!

Wooden educational toys from Woobiboo

Wooden puzzles for children are timeless toys that – thanks to the use of high-quality materials – will serve not just one, but several generations! In our range you will find unique wooden educational toys to help your child learn and play. Products from Woobiboo support natural creativity, stimulate all senses in a balanced way (without overstimulation), and teach patience and train concentration from an early age.
In our store you can also buy natural and safe decorations for your child’s room, as well as the iconic manipulative boards. If such a vast selection is giving you trouble or if you’re looking for a gift for someone close – choose a Woobiboo gift voucher.

All of the products in our store’s range can also be used to entertain children with different types of disorders and health problems. Simple colours, natural wood, the absence of loud noises and flashing lights are good allies for sensory processing disorders therapy, therapeutic play for children on the autism spectrum, the blind, those with epilepsy, etc.