Wall-mounted busy boards

A wall-mounted board for children, inspired by Montessori method, is an excellent way to ensure safe, versatile, and developmental play. By playing with items permanently attached to the board, the child develops fine motor skills, learns cause and effect, solves puzzles – in short, deepens their psychomotor development through smart and tailored play. The educational wall board will meet the needs of younger and older children. With a variety of elements and constructions on the board – every child will find something to enjoy and will start to notice new things over time!

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Wall-mounted manipulative boards

Check out wall-mounted manipulative boards that inspire the psychophysical development of a child and influence their sensory development! Choose a creative Woobiboard manipulative wall-mounted board for your toddler, motivating the development of fine motor skills, fostering independence, and stimulating puzzle-solving!

Manipulative wall-mounted boards – what are they?

A wall-mounted manipulative board is a great type of sensory toy for children, that is growing in popularity. It stimulates the senses, body motor skills, coordination, develops cognitive functions and imagination! The product is completely safe and takes the form of a flat board that you can hang or mount on the wall using expansion bolts in your chosen location in your home The educational toy has a set of various-shaped elements on its surface, which arouse the child’s curiosity and inspire discovering new things. It is worth mentioning that each of the modules mounted on the board has specific functions, which in turn have the effect of increasing manual, psychomotor, artistic, logical and many other skills.

Why buy a wall-mounted manipulative board?

By playing with the sensory wall-mounted manipulative board mounted, the toddler develops his motor skills. The object encourages standing play, which affects body coordination, especially for children who are learning to walk. In addition, the toy has an impact on almost all the senses, especially touch. Which, in turn, enhances cognitive functions, creativity, and ingenuity. The board engages both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, directly influencing a faster pace of development compared to peers. Such action translates in the next stage of the child’s life into the development of self-confidence, a desire to learn new things, a feeling of satisfaction or a focus on a goal. What’s more, the board will successfully make a great gift for a child. In addition, it can be an extraordinary decoration in a child’s room due to its originality as well as its usefulness!

What manipulative board to choose for the youngest?

“The choice of a children’s manipulative board depends mainly on the gender of the child. We have many types of boards available, which are dedicated to both boys and girls. When choosing a product, pay attention to:

  • colour,
  • size,
  • the material from which it is made,
  • accessories that have been attached to the surface of the product.

The most important element in any board is the accessories attached to it to stimulate the child’s senses. Typically, these are things that relate to everyday objects, e.g. doorknobs, zippers, locks, windows, mirrors, as well as mazes, letters, bells, animal stickers, horns and much more. One of them develops the brain’s spatial and logical abilities, while the other fosters creative and artistic skills.”” In addition to this, you can choose to personalise and opt to put your toddler’s name on the surface.

From what age of child should manipulative boards be used?

The wall-mounted boards will be perfect for toddlers aged 3 years and over. The product sparks immense curiosity in a child, making it suitable for toddlers, who are just starting to learn how to stand and lift. Thanks to the wide range on offer in our store, you can adapt the board and the shape of the accessories to the age of your child. For the youngest, choose those of simple construction. On the other hand, for the older children, you can opt for larger ones with more complex educational aids.

How much does a sensory wall-mounted board cost?

The price to be spent on a wall-mounted manipulative board ranges from PLN 109 to 789. The amount depends on the model chosen, the size and the elements that are on the surface.


  1. What is a wall-mounted manipulative board?

The sensory wall-mounted board is a toy made in the spirit of Montessori. It combines learning and play in one. It takes the form of a flat board on which interesting everyday objects are mounted. In this way, the product provides enjoyment for hours and at the same time develops psychomotor functions in the child by stimulating almost all the senses.

  1. When buying a manipulative wall-mounted board, what should you pay attention to?

When purchasing a board, it is a good idea to select it according to the child’s gender and individual predispositions. For boys, choose models in blue and grey, while for girls in pink, purple or natural wood. In addition to this, read the feedback of the selected product.

  1. How much does a wooden education board cost for toddlers?

The price for the board starts at PLN 109. More expensive models with advanced features cost between PLN 299 and 1120. So the price depends on the model chosen, the handling parts used, the size and the type of board.

  1. What does playing with a manipulative board look like?

The product guarantees attractive play that stimulates the senses and is very fun. The child can use the board in different ways – it depends on the accessories used. The toddler can play along with his parents by opening the small window with the handle, moving the pieces around the maze, honking the horn, zipping the locks and much more!