Busy Board Woobiboo PREMIUM VAN


The VAN educational board is an innovative product that contains elements you won’t find on any other board! Countless electronic elements, lights, lots of sliders and sound elements – that’s our VAN.

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  • We are global leader in busy boards,
  • Our manipulative boards are fully safe and certified toys,
  • We use the highest quality wood, plywood and other materials resistant to throwing or shuffling,
  • We use paints without harmful substances, so they have a better composition than some sweets!

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Busy board has a Certificate of Compliance with the toy safety standards PN-EN 71

All our products are made in our manufacture in Poland.

Innovative manipulative board
Are you looking for lots of electronic, manipulative, educational components? You will find all this on our Woobiboo PREMIUM VAN manipulative board.
VAN will replace dozens of other toys thanks to the quantity and diversity of its elements. It features up to 6 lights, each lit in a different way, which is great for developing your child’s perceptiveness.

Fun and development
The VAN manipulative board is about joy and learning going hand in hand. There are dozens of educational elements on the VAN, including manipulative, light or sound elements. The Woobiboo board is a guarantee of a child’s interest and thus education while playing. Thanks to it, the child will develop, among other things, creativity, psychomotor skills, hand-eye coordination, and curiosity about the world.

Quality and safety
The VAN sensory board is a top quality product that has been designed with your child’s safety in mind. The board is made of the best quality materials. Our VAN manipulative board is free of toxins. We only use water-based paints. In addition, the board has been tested to confirm that it meets all the requirements for compliance with the EN 71 toy safety standards. This way, you can be sure that your child is playing safely.

Minimalistic design
VAN is a combination of minimalist design and innovative solutions. Our manipulative board captivates with its design.
We opt for natural and pastel colours, which not only have a positive effect on concentration, but also fit perfectly into the design of any room.


  • NEW! As many as 6 lights!
    – flashing emergency lights: Press the warning triangle and the red lights will start flashing
    – a driving light switched on by a light switch
    – colour LEDs lit by cable: red, yellow, green
  • NEW! Gearbox as a labyrinth with a handle
  • NEW! Wooden horn
  • NEW! Key-operated ignition
  • NEW! First aid kit, and in it, removable
    – Thermometer
    – Pills
    – Plaster
  • 3 sprockets
  • Abacus with beads of different sizes
  • Smaller door with locks
  • Furniture latch
  • Crank
  • Speedometer with movable pointer
  • Mirror
  • Driver sticker
  • Seat belts: snap with strap
  • 3 Velcro shapes: square, triangle, circle
  • Furniture wheel
  • Large doors with a set of locks:
    – Side lock
    – Knob
    – Furniture lock
    – Screw closure
  • Engine sticker under the door
  • Cable with 3 inputs: red, yellow, green
  • Spanner with wooden screw
  • Velcro attachable name made of felt letters or Velcro strip


Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 83 × 63 × 13 cm

High-quality wooden plywood, Ecological paints


To be mounted on the wall



See our production process

That is, how, step by step, the safest manipulative boards in Poland are created!

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