About Woobiboo

We are a workshop of wooden toys dedicated to the youngest explorers of the world. We create manipulative boards that allow toddlers to do what they love most – tinkering.

dzieci siedzące przed tablicami manipulacyjnymi

Education and development

The first years of a child’s life are a crucial period of development, therefore it requires balanced stimulation. To provide a child with conditions for exploring the environment and assimilating stimuli, it is worth taking care of the right tool. The Woobiboard meets the needs of every tinkering enthusiast and allows to gain further experience.

uśmiechnięty chłopiec trzymający w ręku drewnianą układankę


True to the Montessori method, we allow children the freedom of choice. With elements of varying difficulty, toddlers can learn independence and develop skills according to their individual predispositions.

uśmiechnięta dziewczynka stoi obok tablicy manipulacyjnej

Investing in your child's future

If acquiring skills brings joy to the child, they will do it more often and willingly, associating learning with pleasure, also in the future. Following this idea, education wrapped in creative play is a guarantee of a positive approach to acquiring knowledge in the next stages of life.

Ecology and safety

Our toys are created with heart and special care. To produce them, we choose high-quality wood and safe paints. The quality and functionality of Woobiboo toys has been awarded numerous certificates. In care for both the Planet and its youngest inhabitants, we paint each wooden element with eco-friendly paints, and we ship all orders in biodegradable packaging.

dzieci bawią się tablicą manipulacyjną

Individual orders

Do you have your own idea for a Woobiboard? Write to us, we will bring your original project to life!