Standing Busy Board Woobiboo Farm Friends Bunny


The Farm Friends Standing Bunny Busy Board is a safe educational toy from Woobiboo. Made from high-quality materials and ecological paints, it includes various elements for manipulation such as lights, little doors with latches, zipper, maze, and more.

Personalisation * *

  • We are global leader in busy boards,
  • Our manipulative boards are fully safe and certified toys,
  • We use the highest quality wood, plywood and other materials resistant to throwing or shuffling,
  • We use paints without harmful substances, so they have a better composition than some sweets!

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Busy board has a Certificate of Compliance with the toy safety standards PN-EN 71

All our products are made in our manufacture in Poland.

Fun and Development

Farm Friends is a series of standing busy boards in a completely new version that will make every little animal lover fall in love. Adopt one of the friends from our ranch to experience it firsthand! 🙂

Boredom is a thing of the past!

The Farm Friends Bunny standing busy board is an excellent choice for little explorers who love to discover the world. A large number of developmental elements will ensure that your child is engaged in play for hours on end. This fully safe educational toy will satisfy your little one’s curiosity, and allow parents to enjoy a warm cup of coffee 🙂 Sensory boards contain elements that support the child at various stages of their development – as a result, the child does not get bored with the toy and eagerly returns to it after a week, a month, or even a year.

Quality and Safety Guaranteed

Your child’s safety is our utmost priority! You can trust us, as we are among the few who subject the entire boards, not just some of their elements, to rigorous tests. By purchasing a FARM FRIENDS standing busy board, you are guaranteed quality and safety in accordance with EU standards (EN-71), as confirmed by tests conducted in external, accredited research laboratories. You don’t have to worry when your child puts any element in their mouth! All paints and varnishes used in production are ecological, non-toxic, and natural — we dare say their composition is better than in some sweets!

Beautiful? More Beautiful? THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!

Thousands of parents who have trusted us confirm that Woobiboo boards are among the most beautiful they have seen. The Woobiboard FARM FRIENDS is not only a sensory board but also a room decoration that doesn’t need to be tidied up in a rush before guests arrive. The choice of elements and colors is deliberate. The pastel color scheme and minimalist design will beautify any room.


  • Furniture wheel
  • Lockable mirror
  • Shoelace
  • Set of sprockets
  • Socket with a plug
  • Light switch with LED
  • Zipper
  • Handle with wheels
  • Maze with a wheel
  • Velcro shapes
  • Doors with latches
  • Chain latch
  • LED panel with three LEDs
  • Furniture latch
  • Fastener
  • String with beads
  • Velcro


Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 92 × 46 × 13 cm

High-quality wooden plywood, Ecological paints


To stand



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That is, how, step by step, the safest manipulative boards in Poland are created!

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