Manipulative boards according to an expert – commentary by psychologist Katarzyna Korczyk

Toys that grow with children including manipulative boards are very popular with parents of little explorers. They educate, they engage, and they decorate interiors beautifully. What does a psychologist think about toys? Does a manipulative board have a positive impact on a child’s development and in what way? Katarzyna Korczyk, hand therapist and kindergarten teacher, speaks about the characteristics of the unique wooden toys.

Table of contents

  1. What distinguishes manipulative boards?
  2. Toys growing with children in kindergartens

Parents are paying more and more attention to the characteristics of their children’s toys. It can be said that we are slowly moving away from the era of colourful, plastic children’s products. Nowadays, what counts are toys that provide development for children and that are made from ecological materials. Without doubt, manipulative boards are at the forefront of this category, as evidenced by the high-quality Woobiboards.

What distinguishes manipulative boards?

What sets the manipulative boards apart is that it is a toy for years to come, which “grows with the child”. Due to the large number of elements, a toddler of any age can choose the right elements for him and, over time, reach for more. The youngest of children will surely be interested in elements that light up or move. It is only after a while that they become curious about the elements that produce sound. Older children, on the other hand, will be focused on tabs, hinges, and all elements that need to be matched together. In this way, the child can develop their skills at every stage – and with the same toy.

Toys growing with children in kindergartens

The characteristics of manipulative boards also make them excellent for furnishing places where multiple children play. Equipping kindergartens, schools or therapy facilities with Woobiboards is a way of effectively integrating toddlers. Thanks to the boards, not only will each child have access to an educational and engaging toy that grows with them, but they will also learn to work in groups and wait for their turn. This is very important because the toddler then develops his social competences, which are essential for the next stages of life.

As a psychologist and educator in a kindergarten, but also as a mother, I use the Woobiboo boards in my activities with children and I see impressive results. Toys allow toddlers to discover new skills at a very fast pace, and they keep them occupied and happy for a long time. It is certainly a safe product for children and worth recommending to any establishment and parents.

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