Why wooden toys are superior to plastic ones – commentary by Katarzyna Korczyk


Table of contents

  1. In harmony with nature
  2. Quality of craftsmanship
  3. Why wooden toys support child development

In the children’s toy market, there is a clear trend of the return of wooden products. However, plastic and luminous ones are losing popularity. What is the reason for the change? Are simple wooden toys better for a child’s development?

In harmony with nature

The answer to the question: Several reasons stand behind why wooden toys are becoming increasingly popular. Firstly, they are made of natural and ecological material, which gives them a huge advantage – they are not only healthier for the child, but can also be used more intensively and for longer. Toys made of synthetic materials, like plastic, are often harmful to health. Most of them contain lead, a toxic substance that adversely affects the functioning of the body.

Quality of craftsmanship

The quality also leaves no doubt as to whether the wooden or plastic toys are better made. Wood is definitely more resistant to impacts and pressure. Every parent knows the importance of this when it comes to children’s play. A toddler can very intensively exploit their favourite object – hitting it, throwing it, and carrying it everywhere Another issue is the texture. Properly prepared wood is pleasant to the touch and easy to hold in little hands. Children can play with such elements from an early age. All the more so, as it is precisely wooden toys that teach and develop the best.

Why wooden toys support child development

Learning cause-and-effect thinking and developing manual skills are particularly important in toddlers. Through trying, twisting and arranging, the child is learning processes and independent thinking. All kinds of puzzles, wooden puzzles or manipulative boards promote imagination and motor skills from a very young age. In comparison, interactive toys offer a lot of entertainment but require nothing. They can sing, talk, glow and even dance, which will certainly please the toddler, but we have no developmental element here

Of course, when making a choice – wooden or plastic toys? The former are more expensive than those made of plastic. This is due to the cost of the material and, more often than not, the well-thought-out concept by which they are created. As we all know, we want the best for children, regardless of price – which is why high-quality wooden products have an advantage over plastic toys.

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