What toys to choose for a one-year-old child?

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  1. A toy for a one-year-old child – what should be considered?
  2. What to buy for a child’s first birthday?
  3. Educational toys for children from Woobiboo

There is a lot of toys on the market today for children of all ages. Despite the vast selection, many parents of the youngest children wonder what toys for a one-year-old will effectively support the development of skills and cognitive functions. An educational toy for your child is also a great idea for an original child’s first birthday present. What criteria to consider when choosing a toy for a one-year-old and how to make the right choice?

A toy for a one-year-old child – what should be considered?

Contrary to what you may think, choosing the right toy for a one-year-old child is not easy and there are several important factors to consider when making a decision. What should you pay attention to when choosing a first birthday gift?

  • Safety – children’s toys available on the Polish market must be CE certified. In this way, parents of a toddler can be sure that the toy will not harm their child in any way and will provide completely safe entertainment. In order to be CE certified, toy manufacturers must meet a number of requirements and restrictions in order for a toy for a one-year-old child to be considered safe.
  • Age-marking – Year-old toys should have an age-marking so that we know the toy will be suitable for a child at this stage of development.
  • Materials used – it is a good idea to opt for toys for year-olds that are made of soft materials or safe plastic. It’s important to make sure that the toy doesn’t have any hazardous elements that the toddler could swallow.

What to buy for a child’s first birthday?

A one-year old baby is already starting to understand a lot more, so when choosing toys, it’s a good idea to go for ones that provide sensory stimuli and develop your toddler’s skills and senses. Wooden puzzles of all kinds are great as a present for a one year old, which will stimulate the child’s spatial imagination and creativity and are an excellent investment in the child’s future. Moreover, due to the need to fit the blocks together, it’s a good exercise for the development of fine motor skills. Puzzles with letters will effectively assist in learning the alphabet and forming the first words, while puzzles with numbers or in the form of a clock will be excellent support for learning counting.

It’s important for the toddler to be interested in the toy while developing senses such as sight, hearing, and touch. Interactive toys that grow with the child, teaching them to recognize sounds, work great. An excellent example are the educational tables, which are sure to interest the one-year-old child, encouraging him to learn to take his first steps. A singing cuddly toy, which teaches children dexterity by pressing on its tummy, will also work as a special gift for a one-year old.

Educational toys for children from Woobiboo

Wondering what toys would be suitable for a one-year-old child? Pay attention to the age labels and which toy will best develop the toddler’s cognitive functions. As a manufacturer of safe toys, we are well aware of the need to tailor toys for children to their developmental stage. That’s why we have created manipulative boards for children that, while capturing the interest of a one-year-old, are intended for children from 3 years old and above. Instead, they can serve as a one-year anniversary gift that will quietly wait until the toddler is a bit older and can enjoy the combination of fun and learning through discovery and tinkering.

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