What toys to choose for a shared gift for siblings?

Wondering how best to prevent arguments between older and younger siblings? Take advantage of the suggestions offered by the Woobiboo workshop and present your children with developing toys for the siblings. The manipulative boards and wooden puzzles you’ll find in our offer will bring a lot of joy and, at the same time, allow both children to develop simultaneously. If you choose to purchase wooden sensory boards, you will invest in the development of your children and, at the same time, encourage them to play together.

Manipulative boards – toys for siblings

If you are looking for developmental toys for two children, check out the offer from the Woobiboo wooden toy workshop We offer motor boards that enable the manual and educational development of your children, regardless of the stage of development they are at The children’s manipulative boards, which comply with all toy regulations, will work well as toys for brothers and sisters of all ages. They will provide both older and younger children with a fun way to discover more skills and learn many new things. Playing with the manipulative board will support:

  • motor coordination of the little hands,
  • independence,
  • the child’s psychomotor skills.

The Woobiboo manipulative board store offers products that were designed to hold the attention of a child of any age for as long as possible. The colourful elements, which can be moved around, will provide fun for the younger sibling, while the numbers and letters effectively encourage the older child to learn to read and write. The sensory boards, which can be personalised, are further distinguished by a unique design based on a combination of wood and pastel colours that are friendly to children’s senses. When looking for a suitable gift – a toy for siblings, you can also choose wooden puzzles, which support children’s development of logical thinking. The products you will find at our store are also original children’s room decorations that will please the eye in the children’s room.

Are you not sure what toys to choose for two children to make a joint gift for siblings? In our range you will find manipulative boards that will interest both the older and younger brother or sister. The colourful pieces with different shapes encourage the smaller child to willingly join in the fun with siblings who are further along in their development and learning about numbers. We are sure that a joint gift for siblings in the form of a motor board or other developmental toys will also make them eager to share with each other in the future. Check out the offer of the wooden toy workshop and opt for personalized sensory boards or wooden puzzles that will provide your children with great fun

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